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Anytimework assembled our servers in beneath areas to give quicker and secure servers.

Highlights and Network

Our data centre’s highlight cutting edge security, force, wellbeing, and cooling frameworks - all intended to guarantee that administration stays continuous.

Our data centres running from 20,000 to in excess of 98,000 square feet, these world-class data centres contain best in class innovation to guarantee that servers remain cool, secure, and up consistently. The significant data centres include is repetitive force, HVAC, and fire recognition frameworks, and are checked day in and day out by us to our data centre Network Operation Centres.

Most extreme physical security:

Our data centres are caring for our own use - servers must be genuinely gotten to be approved representatives as they were. Access confined by security identification control framework, video reconnaissance and security workforce every minute of every day on location. Rooms fitted with smoke identification frameworks. Expert’s on-location day in and day out.

High accessibility framework:

Methodical twofold force flexibly. 250 kVA per UPS gadget. Generators with underlying independence of 48 hrs. over from each other. Least of 2 system associations with and inside the datacentre, 2 system rooms equipped for taking.

Notwithstanding a completely repetitive system and best in class server farms, Our framework chairmen screen all servers 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Servers are observed and issues are followed up on before they become genuine. Furthermore, the system and datacentres are checked and overseen by on-location professionals committed to guaranteeing the greatest uptime and unwavering quality.

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