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Acceptance of Contractual Agreement :

Acknowledgement of Contractual Agreement:

Customer concurs that by putting in a request either by methods for electronic requesting (web request structure) or presenting a composed agreement, and receipt of such request by Anytimework.com, that you are consenting to our Terms of Services, Acceptance Policy and Service Level Agreement. No Modifications of said contract by the client is permitted.

Anytimework.com will give, and Customer will buy and pay for the Services, and administration expenses determined in the Order for the material Service Description. Client recognizes that the administration and administration expenses have been imparted to the client and that they know about every single appropriate charge according to contract. Client likewise comprehends that any limited time offers except if determined in legally binding terms won't be pertinent to their individual help.

What may not be facilitated on our system:

Utilization of our administrations to encroach upon any copyright or trademark is denied. This incorporates, however, isn't constrained to unapproved replicating of music, books, photos, or some other copyrighted work. The proposal of offer of any fake product of a trademark holder will bring about the quick end of your record. Any record saw as infringing upon another's copyright will be speedily expelled, or access to the material debilitated. Any record saw as in rehashed infringement of copyright laws will be suspended and additionally ended from our facilitating. In the event that you accept that your copyright or trademark is being encroached upon, it would be ideal if you email info@Anytimework.com.in with the data required.

Utilizing a common record as a reinforcement/stockpiling gadget isn't allowed, except for one cPanel reinforcement of a similar record. Kindly don't make reinforcements of your reinforcements.

Instances of unsatisfactory material on totally Shared and Reseller servers incorporate:

Top sites IRC Scripts/Bots Proxy Scripts / Anonymizers Pirated Software/Warez Image Hosting Scripts (like Photo bucket or Tinypic) Auto Surf/PTC/PTS/PPC locales IP Scanners Brute force Programs/Scripts/Applications Mail Bombers/Spam Scripts Banner-Ad benefits (business flag advertisement turn) File Dump/Mirror Scripts (like rapid share) Commercial Audio Streaming (multiple or two streams) Escrow/Bank Debentures High-Yield Interest Programs (HYIP) or Related Sites Investment Sites (FOREX, E-Gold Exchange, Second Life/Linden Exchange, Ponzi, MLM/Pyramid Scheme) Fraudulent Sites (Including, however not constrained to destinations recorded at aa419.org and escrow-fraud.com) Prime Banks Programs Lottery/Gambling Sites MUDs/RPGs/PBBGs Hacker centered locales/documents/programs Sites advancing criminal operations Mailer Pro Forums or potentially sites that convey or connection to warez / pilfered/illicit substance Sale of any controlled substance without earlier proof of proper permit(s) Bank Debentures/Bank Debenture Trading Programs Broadcast or Streaming of Live Sporting Events (UFC, NASCAR, FIFA, NFL, MLB, NBA, WWE, WWF, and so on)

Instances of inadmissible material on totally dedicated servers include:

IRCD (IRC servers)IRC Scripts/Bots Pirated Software / Warez IP Scanners Brute force Programs / Scripts / Applications Mail Bombers / Spam Scripts Escrow High-Yield Interest Programs (HYIP) or Related Sites Mailer Pro Prime Banks Programs Lottery/Gambling Sites Hacker centred locales/documents/programs Sites advancing criminal operations Bank Debentures/Bank Debenture Trading Programs Sale of any controlled substance without earlier proof of suitable permit(s) Forums or potentially sites that appropriate or connection to warez / pilfered / unlawful substance Fraudulent Sites (Including, however not constrained to destinations recorded at aa419.org and escrow-fraud.com) Broadcast or Streaming of Live Sporting Events (UFC, NASCAR, FIFA, NFL, MLB, NBA, WWE, WWF, and so on) Investment Sites (FOREX, E-Gold Exchange, Second Life/Linden Exchange, Ponzi, MLM/Pyramid Scheme)

Anytimework.com administrations, including all related gear, systems and system gadgets are given distinctly to approve client use. Anytimework.com frameworks might be observed for every single legitimate reason, including to guarantee that utilization is approved, for the board of the framework, to encourage assurance against unapproved to get to, and to check security techniques, survivability, and operational security. During checking, data might be inspected, recorded, replicated and utilized for approved purposes.

Any record discovered associating with an outsider system or framework without approval from the outsider is dependent upon the suspension. Access to systems or frameworks outside of your immediate control must be with communicated composed assent from the outsider. Anytimework.com may, at its carefulness, ask for and expect the documentation to demonstrate access to an outsider system or framework is approved.

We maintain whatever authority is needed to deny assistance to anybody. Any material that, in our judgment, is profane, compromising, illicit, or abuses our terms of administration in any way might be expelled from our servers (or in any case handicapped), with or without notice.

Inability to react to email from our maltreatment division inside 48 hours may bring about the suspension or end of your administrations. All maltreatment issues must be managed by means of trouble ticket or email and will include a reaction inside 48 hours.

If all else fails with respect to the adequacy of your website or administration, it would be ideal if you get in touch with us at info@Anytimework.com.in and we will be glad to help you.

Potential damage to minors is carefully taboo, including yet not constrained to youngster sex entertainment or substance saw to be kid erotic entertainment.

Any site found to have youngster sex entertainment or connecting to kid erotic entertainment will be suspended promptly without notice.

Affiliates: we will suspend the site being referred to and will advise you so you may end the record. We will additionally screen your movement; more than one infraction of this sort may bring about the prompt end of your record.

Direct clients: Your administrations will be ended with or without notice.

Infringement will be accounted for to the proper organization.

Instalment Information:

You consent to gracefully fitting instalment for the administrations got from Anytimework.com, ahead of time of the timeframe during which such administrations are given. You concur that until and except if you advise Anytimework.com of you’re longing to drop any or all administrations got, those administrations will be charged on a repetitive premise.

As a customer of Anytimework.com, it is your duty to guarantee that your instalment data is state-of-the-art and that all solicitations are paid on schedule. You concur that until and except if you advise Anytimework.com of your longing to drop any or all administrations, those administrations will be charged on a repetitive premise, except if in any case expressed recorded as a hard copy by Anytimework.com. Anytimework.com maintains all authority to charge your Visa or charging data on record with us. Anytimework.com gives a 3 days beauty period from the time the receipt is created and when it must be paid. Access to the record won't be re-established until instalment has been gotten.

It is the client's duty to tell our business group by means of email at info@Anytimework.com.in subsequent to paying for a space reestablishment and to guarantee the email is gotten and followed upon. Area recharging notification and solicitations are given as a kindness update and Anytimework.com can't be considered liable for the inability to re-establish a space or inability to inform a client about space's restoration.

Accordingly, space reestablishments are charged and recharged 30 days before the restore date. It is the client's obligation to advise our business group by means of email for any area enlistment undoing. No discounts can be given, when an area is re-established. All space enlistments and recharges are conclusive.

Anytimework.com maintains whatever authority is needed to change the regularly scheduled instalment sum and some other charges at whenever.

Facilitating Accounts Migration:

Our Hosting Migration Team will require total exertion to assist you with moving your site to us. Relocations are given as a politeness administration. We don't make any assurances with respect to the accessibility, plausibility, or time required to finish the movement. Each facilitating organization is arranged in an unexpected way, and some facilitating stages spare information in an inconsistent or restrictive configuration, which may make it very troublesome, if certainly feasible, to move a few or all record information. At times we will most likely be unable to help you in the relocation of information from your old host. The free facilitating relocation is accessible for 21 days from your sign up date and movement demand outside of the 21 days’ time frame will bring about a charge. In no cases or occasion will Anytimework.com be held at risk for any lost or missing information or documents coming about because of exchange to or from Anytimework.com. You are exclusively answerable for sponsorship up your information in all conditions.

Reinforcements and Data Loss:

Your utilization of this administration is at your sole hazard. Our reinforcement administration runs once seven days overwrites any of our past reinforcements made, and just a single seven day stretch of reinforcements are kept. This administration is given to you as a kindness. Anytimework.com isn't liable for documents as well as information living for you. You consent to assume full liability for records and information moved and to keep up all suitable reinforcement of documents and information put away on Anytimework.com servers.

We firmly prescribed the entirety of our clients to do their own reinforcements on their home PCs or a Compact Disk to guarantee you have prepared access to your information in the occasion; we ought to have an equipment disappointment.

We don't give any kind of remuneration to lost, erroneous, inadequate, or obsolete information if our reinforcements don't work appropriately, paying little mind to the reason(s) for any such breakdown, regardless of whether the glitch was because of the flaw or carelessness of us.

Scratch-offs and Refunds:

Anytimework.com claims all authority to drop, suspend, or in any case limit access to the record whenever with or without notice.

Any maltreatment of our staff in any medium or organization will bring about the suspension or end of your administrations.

There are no discounts on devoted servers, regulatory expenses, introduce charges for custom programming, or space name buys. Discount demands for shared and affiliate accounts after the underlying 15 days non-contingent cash back period will be discounted on an allocated premise of any unused time.

Just first-time accounts are qualified for a discount. For instance, on the off chance that you've had a record with us previously, dropped and joined once more, you won't be qualified for a discount or on the off chance that you have opened a second record with us.

Infringement of the Terms of Service will defer the discount arrangement.

Asset Usage:

The client may not:

Utilize 20% or a greater amount of framework assets for longer than 90 seconds. There are various exercises that could cause such issues; these include CGI contents, FTP, PHP, HTTP, and so forth. Run independent, unattended server-side procedures anytime on the server. This incorporates all daemons, for example, IRCD. Run any sort of web bug or indexer (counting Google Cash/AdSpy) on shared servers. Run any product that interfaces with an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) organize. Run any piece deluge application, tracker, or customer. You may connection to legitimate deluges off-site, yet may not host or store them on our common servers. Take an interest in any document sharing/distributed exercises Run any gaming servers, for example, counter-strike, half-life, battlefield1942, and so on Run cron passages with interims of under 15 minutes. Run any MySQL inquiries longer than 15 seconds. MySQL tables ought to be ordered properly. When utilizing PHP incorporate capacities for including a neighbourhood document, incorporate the nearby record instead of the URL. Rather than include("http://yourdomain.com/include.php") use include("include.php") To help decrease utilization, don't compel html to deal with server-side code (like php and shtml). Possibly use https convention when important; encoding and decoding correspondences is discernibly more CPU-concentrated than decoded interchanges.

Reinforcement Limit:

Any mutual facilitating account utilizing more than 10 gigabytes of circle space will be expelled from our off-site week after week reinforcement except for Databases proceeding to be sponsored up. All information will keep on being reflected an auxiliary drive which ensures against information misfortune in case of a drive disappointment.

Data transfer capacity Usage:

You are designated a month to month transfer speed recompense. This stipend fluctuates relying upon the facilitating bundle you buy. Should your record pass the allotted sum we claim all authority to suspend the record until the beginning of the following distribution, suspend the record until more data transmission is bought at an extra expense, suspend the record until you move up to a more elevated level of bundle, end the record or potentially charge you an extra charge for the overages. Unused exchange in one month can't be extended to the following month.

Unconditional promise:

On committed servers and Virtual Private Servers (VPS) no discount will be regarded and the 14 days unconditional promise doesn't have any significant bearing. We maintain all authority to discount a customized sum or no discount by any stretch of the imagination.

Each of Anytimework.com shared, and affiliate servers convey a 14 days unequivocal unconditional promise on them. On the off chance that you are not totally happy with our administrations inside the initial 14 days of your administration, you will be given a full discount of the agreed sum. Keep in mind, this is just for shared and affiliate facilitating bundles and doesn't have any significant bearing to devoted servers, managerial charges, introduce expenses for custom programming, or space name buys.

Anytimework.com won't enact new requests or actuate new bundles for clients who have an exceptional offset with us. For another request to be arrangement or another bundle to be actuated, you should have nil balance, except if in any case expressed by Anytimework.com recorded as a hard copy.

Uptime Guarantee:

In the event that your mutual/affiliate server has a physical personal time that isn't inside the 99.9% uptime, you may get one month of credit for you. All solicitations must be made recorded as a hard copy by means of email. Uptime ensures just apply to shared/affiliate arrangements. Devoted servers are secured by a system ensure in which the credit is allocated for the measure of time the server is down which isn't identified with our uptime ensure.


The utilization of more than 75,000 inodes on any mutual record may possibly bring about a notice on your CPanel and if no move is made future suspension. On the off chance that any records saw as surpassing the 1,00,000 inode cut off will consequently be expelled from our reinforcement framework to maintain a strategic distance from over-utilization of CPU assets, and furthermore their CPanel record will confine naturally for additional uploading of documents into the server. Each record (a page, picture document, email, and so forth) on your record goes through 1 inode.

Locales that somewhat surpass our inode limits are probably not going to be suspended; in any case, accounts that continually make and erase enormous quantities of documents all the time, have a huge number of records, or cause document framework harm might be hailed for survey or potentially suspension. The essential driver of exorbitant inodes is by all accounts because of clients leaving their catchall address empowered, however never checking their essential record post box. After some time, countless messages (or more) develop, in the end pushing the record past our inode limit. To impair your default letterbox, login to cPanel and pick "Mail", at that point "Default Address", "Set Default Address", and afterwards type in: :fizzle: No such client here.

Affiliate Responsibility:

Affiliates are answerable for supporting their customers. Anytimework.com doesn't offer help to our Reseller's Clients. On the off chance that an affiliate's customer gets in touch with us, we maintain whatever authority is needed to require the customer record to briefly wait until the affiliate can accept their accountability for their customer. All help demands must be made by the affiliate in the interest of their customers for security purposes. Affiliates are additionally liable for all substance put away or transmitted under their affiliate account and the activities of their customers. Anytimework.com will consider any affiliate liable for any of their customer's activities that abuse the law or the terms of administration.

Customer/Reseller Security Responsibility:

It is your obligation to guarantee that contents/programs introduced under your record are secure and authorizations of registries are set appropriately, paying little mind to establishment strategy. When at all conceivable, set authorizations on most indexes to 755 or as prohibitive as could reasonably be expected. Clients are at last liable for all activities considered. This incorporates the trade-off of accreditations, for example, client name and secret phrase. It is necessitated that you utilize a protected secret key. On the off chance that a powerless secret key is utilized, your record might be suspended until you consent to utilize an increasingly secure secret key. Reviews might be done to keep frail passwords from being utilized. On the off chance that a review is performed, and your secret phrase is seen as feeble, we will tell you and permit time for you to change/update your secret key.

We are giving more significance to tie down our servers to give hacking free administrations. Thus, we won't permit clients or affiliates to have any obsolete contents, modules and subjects and whenever discovered we will tell you to refresh it to the most recent adaptation to make sure about your facilitating account also our system. In the event that no activity is taken, at that point, we will suspend your record with or without earlier notification.

Common (non-affiliate accounts) / VPS Servers:

Common records may not exchange web facilitating to others, on the off chance that you wish to exchange facilitating you should utilize an affiliate account. VPS servers are NOT upheld up by us and it is the duty of the customer to keep up reinforcements or have an answer for this.

Devoted Servers:

Anytimework.com maintains whatever authority is needed to reset the secret word on a devoted server if the secret key on record isn't present with the goal that we may do security reviews as required by our data centre. It is the duty of the customer to guarantee that there are a substantial email address and current root secret word on record for their devoted server on the document to keep personal time from constrained secret phrase resets. Anytimework.com claims all authority to review servers varying and to perform regulatory activities in line with our data centre. Devoted servers are NOT upheld up by us and it is the duty of the customer to keep up reinforcements or have an answer for this. You may buy an extra hard drive and keep up reinforcements to it as the most straightforward arrangement. If it's not too much trouble contact info@Anytimework.com.in in the event that you wish to acquire an auxiliary hard drive. It is your obligation to look after reinforcements.

Record Suspension and Termination

We comprehend the significance of a client site and site information and thus we are giving two days of elegance period for re-establishing your facilitating administrations. Any facilitating administrations not restored inside 2 days elegance period will get suspended with or with no earlier notification and the records not recharged inside 21 days from the expiry date will get ended from our server to maintain a strategic distance from the undesirable presence of your information.

For VPS and Dedicated servers, there will be no elegance period and the server will recover if the client didn't restore the servers inside 10 days from the hour of legitimacy termination.

Value Change:

The sum you pay for facilitating will never increment from the date of procurement. We maintain all authority to change costs recorded on Anytimework.com.in, and the option to expand the measure of assets given to plans whenever.


Limits and coupon codes are saved for first-time records or first-time clients just and may not be utilized towards the acquisition of a space enlistment except if in any case indicated. On the off chance that you have joined utilizing a specific space, you may not leave up for that area utilizing another coupon sometime in the not too distant future. Any record found infringing upon these arrangements will be looked into by our business office and the fitting solicitations will be added to the record. Coupon misuse won't go on without serious consequences and may bring about the suspension or end of the record. Coupons or limits are just legitimate towards the underlying buy and don't influence the reestablishment or repeating cost.


Anytimework.com will not be answerable for any harm your business may endure. Anytimework.com makes no guarantees of any sort, communicated or suggested for administrations we give. Anytimework.com renounces any guarantee or merchantability or readiness for a specific reason. This incorporates loss of information coming about because of deferrals, no conveyances, wrong conveyance, and all help interferences brought about by Anytimework.com and its workers.

Changes to the TOS:

Anytimework.com maintains all authority to re-examine its strategies whenever with or without earlier notification.

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